BMA is a creative hub open to young and devoted architects and designers who are prepared to discover new possibilities.

Collaborating with other architects, engineers, artists and other professionals has helped us strive to expand our perspective and generate new design paradigms.

Our spectrum of work touches fields of architecture, design and urbanism. We design public and residential buildings, commercial and public spaces, cultural and educational facilities, urban plans and interiors, furniture and products.

The development of powerful and innovative design concepts matched with technical proficiency and superior client service has always been the driving force behind every project .

Through the careful integration of innovation and experimentation, new forms and performance, context and sustainable architecture, we foster to produce work that has the power to influence civic life and inspire people to improve our world.


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1000 Skopje, Macedonia
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vertigo terrace

Kicevo, Macedonia

100 MMH

MM House

Skopje, Macedonia


AL Apartment

Skopje, Macedonia



Tetovo, Macedonia

001 BCC

barcode cafe

Tetovo, Macedonia


DV apartment

Tetovo, Macedonia


shoebox burst

Skopje, Macedonia


b351 lounge chair

001 IAE

ia apartment

Tetovo, Macedonia

001 WCA

white cage apartment

Tetovo, Macedonia